• Fort De Soto 15k, 10k & 5k Results


• Florida Halloween Distance Classic Race Results


• Florida Holiday Distance Classic Results


• St. Petersburg Distance Classic Race Results


• Florida Shamrock Distance Classic Results (formerly Florida Beach Halfathon & 5K)


Clearwater Distance Classic Race Results

2018 Clearwater Distance Classic
2017 Clearwater Distance Classic:  Cancelled due to storms
2016 Clearwater Distance Classic

2015 Clearwater Marathon, Halfathon and 5 Miler 
2014 Clearwater Marathon, Halfathon and 5 Miler 
2013 Clearwater Marathon, Halfathon and 5 Miler
2012 Clearwater Halfathon and 2012 Clearwater 5 Miler 
2011 Clearwater Halfathon and 2011 Clearwater 5 Miler 
2010 Clearwater Halfathon and 2010 Clearwater 5 Miler
2009 Clearwater Halfathon and 2009 Clearwater 5 Miler 
2008 Clearwater Halfathon and 2008 Clearwater 5 Miler 
2007 Clearwater Halfathon and 2007 Clearwater 5 Miler 
2006 Clearwater Halfathon 

2005 Gulf Beaches Marathon & Relay
2005 Gulf Beaches 10K
2004 Gulf Beaches Marathon & Relay
2004 Gulf Beaches 10K
2003 Gulf Beaches Marathon & Relay 
2003 Gulf Beaches 10K
2002 Gulf Beaches Marathon & Relay
2002 Female Marathon Split Times
2002 Male Marathon Split Times
2002 10K Race
2002 Marathon Relay
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2001 Gulf Beaches Marathon & Relay Individuals in Finishing Order
2001 Individuals by Age Group
2001 2-Person Relay in Finishing Order
2001 2-Person Relay by Class 
2001 5-Person Relay in Finishing Order 
2001 5-Person Relay by Class
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2000 Gulf Beaches Marathon & Relay
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We’re located in the beautiful Tampa Bay area, staging races in St. Petersburg, Fort DeSoto Park, and Madeira Beach to Largo.

I am having a great time doing the series this year and I truly believe you run the best races in the area, offer a great alternative to the mega races, and it is a great experience for families. I look forward to doing these races for years to come.”
– Nick C.

Our 2023-24 Events

Sunday, September 17, 2023
Fort De Soto Park
Sunday, October 29, 2023
Fort De Soto Park
Sunday, December 10, 2023
Madeira Beach to Largo (Taylor Park)
Sunday, February 11, 2024
Downtown St. Pete
TBD, March, 2024
Fort De Soto Park