Race Reviews

Great race! Thank you. This was my first half marathon and I really enjoyed it. This will be an annual event for me now! Thanks again for the great race!
– Mary Inglima, Clearwater, FL

I loved the race. Had a great time and set a PR for myself. I had a blast and my friend from Ft. Myers loved it too. I am sorry that I missed meeting you. I limped and waddled around the finish line festivities and through the throngs of finishers and had no idea where to look for you. Everything was awesome. Thanks for all your efforts on this.
– Nicole Therrien, Melbourne, FL

Wow! Another awesome job by you and your support team. It’s my fourth year in a row, and the race just gets better every year. My friends and I race everywhere, but your race always sets the standard! Thanks again, and see you next year.
– Jim Moore, Sarasota, FL

Kudos to your race director – congratulations on an excellent race. Obviously there was much planning and preparation. This is the first time I have participated in your run. It is one of the best yet! I have completed 21 marathons in the past 4 years. Thanks for all your hard work!
– Donna Loud, Sarasota, FL

Thank you for a very nice race Sunday. The course is great. Scenic. I like how we ran through The City of Seminole Park. Packet pickup on Saturday was smooth.
– Rupa Nunamaker, Redington Beach, FL

My friend and I took part in the race for the first time yesterday and had a wonderful time. A big thank you to you for a well organized event and an even bigger thank you to all the volunteers who manned the water stations so well. Kind Regards.
– Sarah Bradley, Tampa, FL

Thank you for a great event again this year! The bib with my name imprinted will be very special on my Inspiration Wall. Thank You!! I’m already looking forward to the 8th Annual Halfathon. Make it a Great Day.
– Ken Brown, Indianapolis, IN

My wife, Jennifer, and I both really enjoyed your race and will definitely be there again next year!
– Brian Ryan, Eatonton, FL

This past Sunday was my first Holiday Halfathon. I had a wonderful time and had a new PR of 1:4 8:53 (my previous half PR was 1:59). This half was a big deal . . . especially with my PR, this race was very special to me.
– Liza Ford, New Port Richey, FL

Thanks for another great race. The wind added to the challenge which just made it all the better at the finish line. Looks like we had twice as many runners than we did for the first halfathon in 2006. I had the lowest run time I have ever had since running halfathons. In 2006, I finished at 2:14. This year, I finished at 1:48:37.
– Paul Fountain, Melbourne, FL

It was a well-organized race, although there was challenging weather yesterday. We’ll be there next year! Thanks.
– Lary and Susannah Robinson, Tampa, FL

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We’re located in the beautiful Tampa Bay area, staging races in St. Petersburg, Fort DeSoto Park, and Madeira Beach to Largo.

“We really had a great time at yesterday’s race. The weather was near perfect! I completed a personal record run, too. I wanted to be sure and express my gratitude to all the volunteers for being out there so early. The support and enthusiasm of the race staff was great. Thank you for your effort in putting the race program together.”
– Mark McCatty, Tampa, FL

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I had a great time this morning. It was a chilly start but ‘warmed’ up quickly. Thanks again for everything!!
– Laurie Pelletier, New Port Richey, FL

Kudos for ANOTHER well-organized and well-run event yesterday. The event was first class from start to finish. Now, if you can just do a little something about the weather for next year …
– Chris Petrock, Tampa, FL

Thanks for a truly wonderful and memorable race! I was particularly impressed by the fantastic course and the wonderful volunteers. The winding path down from the bridge toward the finish line could be your logo, as runners wind their way down on all levels toward the sidewalk. When I approached from above, I saw runners on every level. It reminded me of the shape of the Guggenheim Museum in NY. I thought the weather was actually perfect with the cold air and even the wind. It made the race a great deal of fun and I wish more weather like this upon distance running in Florida. Your volunteers are a hardy bunch who were kind and gracious to the runners. Great course, great views, and great organization. Thanks a lot for everything you all did and a great running experience.
– Jude Ryan, San Antonio

Congratulations on yesterday’s event. It was a most enjoyable experience, and very well organized. Thank you!
– Suzanne Sillitoe, Wesley Chapel, FL

Great race yesterday. It’s a tough course but wonderful training. My husband, James Krivacs, finished 2nd in his age group yesterday. I’m so proud of him. This is his best time in the half in 20 years!
– Vickie Krivacs, Palm Harbor, FL

I ran in the Clearwater Halfathon this past weekend. My two friends from Oviedo, Lisa Bal and Marcy Byers, came too and ran the run with me. We had a blast and look forward to making this a girls’ annual running event. Thank you for your time and for sponsoring such a beautiful run. I know myself as well as many others had a great time.
– Sandy Dunn, Oviedo, FL